Sharing: January 1, 2019

Happy New Years to all!

Okay, I guess that’s a little brief. So…

I feel sheepish about making New Year’s resolutions, but I always do it anyway. Partly, it’s because I get introspective between Christmas and New Year’s—all my usual distractions shut down during that week, so I spend most of the time on my own. Inevitably, I start thinking about stuff I’d like to change. The next thing you know, I’ve made a bunch of resolutions.

I don’t actually start doing them right on January 1. Usually, I start a few days early; I find that if I start right away rather than waiting, I’m less likely to let things slip. Also, if I do let something slip, I can declare a do-over and start again on New Year’s Day. And since my birthday is January 10, I have that as another backstop—if I fumble the ball, I can declare that the resolutions will kick off on my birthday, which is another auspicious day for new beginnings.

To be honest, I’m not looking at serious shake-ups in my life. I just want to use my time better. I’ve resolved to track my writing hours more carefully so that I can see how much I’m writing; then I’ll do more. I also want to get more intentional with career stuff—if I want to keep writing, I have to make sure I earn enough money to keep going. Besides, it’s more fun to write things if people actually read them. So I’ll start looking for ways to improve my visibility. (And of course to improve my writing, but that’s been my ongoing goal forever.)

So that’s what my new year is aiming to be. Here’s hoping it makes a difference!

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