Liner Notes

The Bundoran bundle has finished its run with great sales results. I’m also happy with the series of “liner note” posts I made discussing most of the stories I contributed to the bundle.

Do I need to explain liner notes? Way back when, before music was simply downloaded, vinyl albums and later CDs often came with notes about the songs. Most commonly, the notes included the lyrics of all the songs. Sometimes they also contained commentary about the songs, either by the writer(s), the performer(s), or a music critic. These comments were called liner notes (and it amuses me that there’s a Wikipedia entry for them…but of course there is).

The practice of liner notes has been taken up by writers in a number of other media. In particular, Kieron Gillen writes liner notes for his comic book series The Wicked + The Divine. These notes are panel-by-panel discussions of each issue; they’re all well worth reading if you want insights into the thoughts and the process of putting comic books together.

Gillen has just started a similar set of commentary notes about Peter Cannonball, Thunderbolt, a new series featuring the old comic book character who inspired Ozymandias in Watchmen. Again, I recommend both the comic book and the notes. Since there’s only been a single issue released, I have no idea where the series will go, but I’ll certainly keep reading.

And the experience of writing liner notes for my short stories has made me wonder about writing liner notes for my two published Dark vs. Spark novels. It would mean a ton of work, which is why I’m vacillating about the idea…but if any of the people reading this would like to read chapter-by-chapter notes about EXPLOSIONS and GUN, send me a comment or a tweet to show your interest.

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