Sharing: July 9, 2018

Links to more stuff I like:

Article: Five Books on World Philosophy
The web site publishes regular articles in which an expert on a subject recommends five books as a starting point for learning about that subject. The site has dealt with a wide range of topics, and is a great resource for discovering new books. (Also for discovering new subjects that you might not have thought about.) The most recent posting looks at “World Philosophy”, i.e. more than just Anglo-European works. I know what I’ll be looking up the next time I go to a university library.
Place: The Walter Bean Grand River Trail
The Grand is a sizable river flowing through South-Western Ontario, and the Walter Bean Trail runs along the river through much of the Waterloo Region. I walk the trail on a regular basis—it’s close to where I live and a pleasant quiet place for an easy stroll. (For those who want a slightly more demanding hike, there are also the Grand River Trails run by the Grand River Conservation Authority.)
Pen: Zebra F-301
I write longhand in a journal every morning. Sometimes I write stories/novels in longhand too, when I need to slow down and think, or when I’m too distractable to trust myself on a computer. My favorite pen is the Zebra F-301 (Fine point, blue ink). I love the feel of the sharp steel tip on good paper. (Gel pens? Maybe for drawing, but not for writing. Too slippery.) By the way, I break off the pen-clip so I don’t have to worry about it digging into my hand.